Greetings Beloveds!

Let us always remember that before we can lead a fulfulling life we foremost have to nurture and heal our wounds. We can give only what we have. A lack of Knowledge of Self and the disease called Self -Hate is the root cause of all sufferation. Never allow fear to stunt your growth. It is always wise to ask for help when you are burdened. I am here for YOU!
It is LOVE that is the healer of all scars. All one on one sessions are
confidential. Looking forward to serving you all!

  1. Self love Sessions
    are available online, (Whatsapp, Messenger, Email or Skype) Except for Schools, Public Events and Corporate Businesses. Self Love Lecturer- All Schools/Cooperate Businesses/Life Coach/Public/Private Spiritual Speaker.
  2. Write and Heal
    Therapy/Spiritual Counselling ages-7 & Up! Write and Heal Therapy- Reveals Writing Secrets/ Writing Meditation/Explore potent ways of healing through writing. Life changing benefits guaranteed. No negative side effects. Expect results between 3-7days. Relationships: The importance of relating to humans and how to grow from everyone in our lives. Parenting: The responsibility of adults, the real reasons & purpose of having children. Overcome Traumas-Emotional Intelligence-Letting go of baggage/ master self control. Mind Power- Examine the powerful ways to achieve and maintain wholesome mindsets. Creative Energy-Add Value To Whatever You Create. Discover your natural gifts.
  3. Numerology
    Self Analysis-Get to Know You! Get a close and personal analysis of the meaning of your names and numbers in your life. And that of loved ones.
  4. Creative Writer
    Mojivator-Public Spiritual Speaker/ Self Love Specialist- Autographed Photos/Poems for Special Occasions.
  5. Actress
    Model-Make-Up Artist. Fashion Show Choreographer-Host Spoken Artist-Performer. Make-up Artists- Weddings,,Video Shoots, Special Occasions, Fashion Shows, Photo Shoots Professional Actress/Model- Available for Movies, Print & T.V Ads/Hosts-Events/Radio Shows Voice Commercials, Clothing, Magazines, Billboards, Film.
  6. Clothing E.T.C.
    Offer original Life Changing Quotes on T-Shirts/Self Love Mojivational Cards/Stone Art/Boddee Decors/Natural Skin Products.
    ForIva Africa Innertainment -Writer, Music Agent- Interviewer -Mojiba S.I.P (Seeing Into Peoples) Artiste Branding/Consultation/Biographies, Social Media Artist Management/Radio Airplay & Interviews Links/Written Innerviews/Bookings/Lyricist/Stylist/Reggae Researcher/Creative Film/Video Ideas/Event Planner/ Riddims Links/Graphics Artist. Reggae Music Business- The state of the business and how it can be improved and what doesn't work.
  8. Moje Veg Kitchen
    Home-made Vegetarian Meals Moje Veg Kitchen - Vegetarians Meals Salads/Stews/Wraps/Coconut H20/Lemon/Gingerade...Catering/Pop Up Shop & Delivery of a minimum of 3 lunches up in co-operate areas in Kingston Jamaica.
  9. Advertising
    Advertise on our site. 3, 6, 12, month deals